Joalah Designs LLC

“Proficy Founded in 2007, and backed by over 25 years of experience, Joalah Designs LLC is dedicated to providing quality solutions for all aspects of industrial and general computing from its base in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

Our systems experience ranges from low–level PLC control to complex HMI/SCADA and business systems interfaces, so we can provide vertically–integrated solutions for a large range of platforms such as Microsoft, GE-IP, Cognex, VMware and Apple.

Design, implementation and commissioning experience gained from working in multiple countries around the globe allows us to understand the needs of a diverse range of customers. We care about their projects no matter what the size – from the smallest single person project to the largest team effort.
And with experience in the steel, paper, aluminium, mining and other general manufacturing markets, we are sure to offer a valuable contribution to all prospective customers regardless of the situation or site location.

So if you need a professional solution to your industrial computing and control problems, contact Joalah Designs LLC with your requirements. We will be happy to provide you with a free appraisal or quotation for solving your problem.
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